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The basis of our service is our assertion that high quality radiographs are 70% dependent on the proper screen/film combination, 20% on adequate film procession, and 10% on the actual x-ray machine itself.

"Radiation" is "radiation." Any x-ray machine, if in proper working order, is capable of producing a good radiograph provided the screens, film and processing are adequate.

We can diagnose your system over the phone and if it's determined that new screens are needed, we can then re-screen your existing cassettes, or provide you with screens in new hard back or vinyl cassettes. We carry Rare Earth Screens in both blue and green and in virtually every speed available. We mount symmetric or split screens, and also have available our own Maximal Vision Rare Earth System.

We can service portable x-ray machines from any source, and stationery x-ray machines and film processors in our tri-state area.

Services Provided:

X-raying a canine action shot
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Services We Offer

» Diagnose Existing Systems                                             » X-Ray Machine Service
» Re-Screening Cassettes                                                   » Film Processor Service
» Mounting New Screen/Cassette Combinations          » Dosimeter Badge Service
» Vinyl Cassette System Service                                        » Film Identification Service

Canine Skull X-ray
Canine Tooth Inspection