About Our Company

​With its inception in the early 1980's as a small side line business that focused on the re-screening of cassettes with rare earth screens Christian Iconic X-Ray, LLC established itself with a very solid foundation for it's current success as a rapidly growing x-ray company. The founders keen understanding of the radiology needs of clinicians, coupled with the expertise to satisfy these needs at a very reasonable cost eventually grew to the establishment of this very unique, very dedicated radiology company for veterinarians and chiropractors. Over the past several years the radiology industry has been evolving from analog to digital and as an industry leader we work hard to assist clinics with making the correct decision between the different systems - we have multiple CR and DR (tethered and wireless) systems available that we sell, install, and service nationwide. 

As an x-ray company we not only sell and install x-ray machines, digital systems and processors, we go well beyond that to insure the clinicians are pleased with and approve of the diagnostic quality of the films in their view box and/or the digital images on their computer monitor.​​

Curious about our name?

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​Curious of our company name? Here's where our name derived from...

Christian: n. a follower of Christ

Iconic: adj. Pertaining to or having the character of an icon

Icon: n. A representation or picture of a sacred Christian personage, itself regarded as sacred.

We're simply Christians representing Christ in the field of x-ray. We're not perfect, just forgiven!​

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