Made for mobile equine radiography! The Precision DR-C 1012 Wireless is a true wireless package. A 10"x12" image capture area allows for easy patient positioning. The wireless Cesium flat panel detector weighs only 4 lbs. Also with full field "AED" Automatic Exposure Detection, there is no need to change or modify the X-ray generator. It works with every X-ray source. Our rugged carrying case includes everything you need to go into the field or barn safely and be up and taking X-rays within minutes.  


-Ultra Low Noise, High Resolution 10"x12" Images with great dynamic range

-CSL Direct Deposit Panel is rated as the "best of the best" in image  quality

-Automatic Image Calibration for Extremely Accurate Measurements
-Wireless image acquisition in under 10 seconds
- Fully DICOM Compliant, Email, Burn CD/DVD, Networking
-Patented Full-Field Automatic Exposure Detection (F2AEDTM) eliminates  the need to wire the panel into your generator
-Three year Warranty with Option for Five Years.

-Onsite Installation and Training Included

​-Vertebral Heart Score Tool Included
-Hip Dysplasia Tool Included

-Pelican rugged carrying case with custom protective padding

-Single external power cord brings power to all internal devices

Portable Equine X-ray package

Precision DR C 1012 Wireless