Nomad Pro 2 product image
Nomad Pro 2 Veterinary in Use

The Nomad Pro 2 is the authority in handheld dental X-ray. The Nomad Pro 2 is set at 60kvp and 2.5ma and adjustable from .02 to 1.0 seconds. Faster than traditional wall mount dental systems, you never need to leave your patient. At 5.5 pounds it is easily held and manipulated by any technician, and has internal shielding that protects the operator from radiation. 

Use for:

-Home visits

-Panicked or anxious animals

​-Sedated animals

-Fully mobile use both indoors and outdoors

​Here are the outstanding features for this system:

60 kVp, 2.5 mA

Easy push button LCD display to adjust the exposure times

Programmable presets
Lead infused backscatter shield
5.5 Lbs.

Nomad Pro 2 Veterinary

wall mount vs handheld dental comparison