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Christian Iconic X-ray, LLC is in the business of supplying and maintaining the highest quality radiology systems available at an affordable cost. We work with both analog film processing equipment along with high tech digital systems.


CR X-ray processor

Repair facility for processors, ScanX CR systems, portable and table X-Ray generators.

Whether you are in your office, barn, or the field we have options that allow you to take high quality X-Rays.

Portable Solutions

Canine abdomen X-ray

Radiology Beyond X-Ray!

Christian Iconic X-Ray

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Digital Upgrade

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X-Ray Repairs

Analog Film Processor

Fast delivery of film, chemicals, and all the other products you need to keep your analog X-Ray system running at 100%.

Film and Supplies

Portable X-ray Generator

Let us help you work within you budget to upgrade your current system to digital X-Ray